Driving Instructor jobs

Driving Instructor Jobs

Many people find that getting a job as a driving instructor leads to an enjoyable, worthwhile career. It's not easy to become a driving instructor, but for those who qualify and work hard, the rewards are there.

To get a driving instructor job, you need to qualify to be registered with the Driving Standards Agency. Qualification involves taking three separate tests:

1. Part 1 - the ADI Theory Test

2. Part 2 - the test of driving ability

3. Part 3 - the test of instructional ability.

It's not easy to pass these tests and you will need to sign up with a driving instructor training organisation for professional training. The costs of training can vary from one organisation to another. Amongst the most expensive is Red Driving School. Other well known Instructor trainers are LDC Instructor Training and BSM. There are also many good local instructor trainers, so it's worth shopping around.

Getting driving instructor jobs when you've qualified

Most driving instructor training organisations run a trainee scheme where, once you've passed the first two exams, you can work as a driving instructor while you get experience to help you pass the third exam. Once you have qualified you are free to either continue with the driving school that you trained with or set up on your own or find an alternative driving school franchise.

You cannot work as an independent driving instructor until you are fully qualified.

Driving schools do not offer salaried driving instructor jobs in the normal sense of the word. What they offer is a driving school franchise, where you are effectively self-employed. As such you are responsible for tax, NI contributions etc and there are no paid holidays or sick leave.

Driving Instructor jobs Leicester, Bristol, East London, Croydon.


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No L's Driving School Bristol is currently looking for a driving instructor to work in Bristol.
07790 469 081

East London
Bismillah Ladies Driving School in East London is recruiting female ADI's/PDI's with cheap franchise options.
07791 723 655

Driving Instructor required Chesterfield. Great franchise deal. Call Richard on
07729 661283

Automatic Croydon
Guaranteed pupils, franchise.
Call now

07947 707 621





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