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BSM are probably the most recognised brand in the Instructor training industry and at present have the biggest fleet of instructors in the UK. However the business has struggled in recent years and was bought out by the AA for £1. The AA are running the two businesses, AA Driving School and BSM in tandem.


BSM has historically had one of the highest levels of franchise (up to £18,000pa) in the industry, but at the same time have had one of the highest levels of lesson price. So while instructors have earned more per lesson, they've had to pay out more on their franchise. However, in recent years BSM seem to have relaxed their lesson prices to bring them more into line with other local driving schools.

How much is a BSM franchise?

Unlike Red Driving School, BSM do not normally display their franchise prices on their website. They offer three levels of franchise - premium, standard and PDI, offering different levels of service. Normally you will need to contact BSM direct to find out their franchise costs. Be aware that existing instructors may not be on the same franchise as you are offered, so you should not just rely on word of mouth from other instructors as to BSM driving school franchise costs.