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Driving Instructor Earnings

There are many adverts suggesting that you can earn £30,000 or £40,000 as a driving instructor. In fact there are probably very few instructors who earn those kind of figures. By the time you've taken costs and expenses into account - car purchase/running costs/franchise/advertising etc, it's more likely that you will earn as a driving instructor in the region of £20,000 to £25,000.

Although some driving schools offer you a "guaranteed job" if you train with them, the reality is that they are offering you a franchise with no guarantee as to what you will earn as a driving instructor and no guarantee of how much work you will get. Some franchises provide everything including car, headboard, insurance and pupils. Other driving school franchises offer you less but charge you less.

Many driving instructors end up working as independent instructors, as this is the way of keeping costs to a minimum - no expensive offices, staff or advertising campaigns to be paid for. however, there are plenty of instructors who go out of business as they cannot generate enough new pupils to fill their diary.

How much can you earn as a driving instructor?

Here are some very rough figures that you could work with:

30 lessons a week (equivalent to around 40 hours by the time you've taken into account travelling time, admin, answering enquiries etc)

4 weeks holiday (national statutory minimum for employees). 1 week off for sickness, car off the road for servicing, training.

30x47 = 1410 hours tuition @ £25 per hour = £35,250. That's great if you don't have any expenses!

Expenses (self employed no franchise). Car expenses @ hmrc rates for 1410 lessons at 15 miles per lesson = £7,300. Advertising/website/marketing £500. Accountant £150. Misc £200. Equals a total expenses of £8,250.

Based on the above hypothetical figures a driving instructor would earn £27,000 a year.

Keep in mind that the above figures are all hypothetical and will vary depending on your circumstances.