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Like many driving schools, Red Driving School operate a franchise sceme. So if you are looking for a driving instructor job with Red Driving School then you will need to take out a franchise. As with any legal agreement the terms and conditions of the franchise need to be looked into carefully.


Whilst Red Driving School has mainly in the past been mainly a vehicle for training new instructors, the parent company are now looking to develop the driving school to be the biggest in the UK. This means that they are actively looking to recruit instructors who have not necessarily trained with them.

At present (2020) Red Driving School advertise two levels of franchise:

Red Driving School franchise including car, servicing and pupil referrals

Red headboard franchise (you provide your own car)

The figures above show that effectively the first £10,000 a year that you earn will go to Red, after that all the earnings are your own except for other expenses such as fuel, telephone etc.

Red Driving School aim to offer a high level of support to their instructors.

Remember that any legal agreement you enter into is a binding document and in the case of Red Driving School, instructors have found themselves tied into Red with no get out clause until the end of the contract.

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